Gravey and Rice

Saturday, January 07, 2006

And so it begins...

The landlord decided to come over tomorrow to inspect the house before we renew our lease for another year. My husband of course saw no reason why this would be a problem two weeks after Christmas and agreed that yes, that'd be a great time- while you're at it why don't you come over at 9 AM? Who tells their landlord that Sunday at 9am two weeks after Christmas would be a great time to come and inspect the house? Someone who isn't 6 months pregnant and won't be responsible for cleaning the entire house and taking down all the bloody decorations, that's who.

So, it's no wonder that on Saturday at 2 pm, only half the kitchen is clean, the hallway is clean but full of boxes of ornaments and other decorations, the upstairs is a disaster zone, and the living room has an undecorated brownish green 6ft pine tree in the corner and bits of bubble wrap, tissue paper and pine needles strewn all over.

I have effectively decided that tomorrow I'm going to be deathly ill and spending the day in bed. And if the landlord still wants to come over- he can take down the garland and vaccuum up the pine needles while he's here.