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Friday, February 24, 2006

"Mummy loves her baby Giraffe"

We have a lovely jungle theme for baby's room. With lots of adorable orange giraffes and cute little sayings like "Mummy loves her baby giraffe!" I was so happy with the room as it looks adorable.

On Tuesday we had our last ultrasound, and found out the baby is fine and weighs 7lbs. 4oz. We also found out that baby has super long legs, practically off the charts! That was all well and good until this morning as daddy was leaving. He kissed my bump goodbye and said "were having a giraffe-bye bye little giraffe" and to me "Mummy loves her baby giraffe"

*sigh* And now I go and rip out the jungle theme and start over with Winnie the Pooh. Men.


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