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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Cause for celebration

He's asleep. Now, some of you may be thinking "No big deal- that's all they do at that age!" And you are right. My new son is not suffering from insomnia. But what you don't realize is that for Daddy, little Oi needs only a pat on the back and a quick swivel in the computer chair before he's out like a light. For Mommy, ha HA, going to sleep involves 45 minutes of abject torture. The first 30 are simple enough- he latches onto my boob and starts to feed. I assume the fetal position over him and desperatley try not to cry out or squeeze him to hard as he slowly and methodically sucks my soul out through my nipple.

It's the next 15 that are hard. Because after he's finished eating he is alert for about 5 minutes before it's time to go back to sleep. And that means more of the soul sucking. And for 15 minutes he follows the same procedure- latch on, suck (ow) suck (tears) suck (cry out, try not to rip nipple out of mouth) drift off (dear god, thank you), release (please don't wake up...), startle awake (no, no, no) , repeat. Until he has fallen asleep. Truly asleep. God forbid I've forgotten the little emperors pillow- because if he's not on his pillow, you will not be able to move him without waking him up, and then the vicious circle continues.

But not for daddy- oh no. Pat, pat, swivel and everything is zen. Even without the pillow. Daddy can move our baby even if he is NOT on his pillow. *sigh*

So, now you you understand why last night I was in tears knowing David would be at work today. And why I am celebrating now. I got the baby to go to asleep. Laying on my chest! Like daddy does! And when I moved him, he stayed asleep! No crying! No soul sucking! He's asleep, on his pillow! For an hour now!



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