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Monday, March 27, 2006

A few of my favorite things

On this cold, wet and windy day I've been thinking of some of my favorite things...

- Arizona Spring time when the temp. is rarely above 75 and the breeze is gentle and the sun is still like a warm blanket and not yet the scalding horror it will be in July.

- Tesco's Pineapple and Coconut Juice. Originally 50p when we discovered it 2 weeks ago, now that we buy like 6 cartons a week it's jumped to 64p. Bastards.

- Tesco's Butter and Toffee Cookies. Originally I wasn't impressed, but while DH was out yesterday I had a nibble of one of his and couldn't put it down. YUMMY. I can't wait to go out for conditioner today, so I have an excuse to get MORE COOKIES!

- Red Grapes dipped in strawberry yogurt. Nothing better.

- Apple Turnovers with Cream. Oh, god. Yum. So far I think Heidi's has the best ones, but Sainsburys arent to bad either.

- My new son's head. It smells and tastes delicious. I swear I might take a nibble out of his ear at some point.

- A hot bath- with one of those fizzy things in it. Ahh...yeah.

- The way the light looks first thing in the morning. Clear or overcast, it always has an amazing quality to it that just makes me so grateful to be alive and to be here.

- Dooce

- The Expats

Oh, and my coccyx hurts. No word why though. Goodbye luxury of sitting down and standing up- you served me well.


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