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Monday, May 08, 2006


Well, I know it's been awhile since I've updated- but I'm here now. It's been such a busy month!

My mother was here for two weeks in April! It was nice to see her again, and not have the same issues that we had when I still lived at home. It was much easier to enjoy her. David and I tried to take her to lots of places, but it turned out to be difficult as, after a 700 quid bill from the car mechanic- we were broke. But, I think she enjoyed herself.

For Easter the kids had an egg hunt at my inlaws! They had such a great time, and I think my inlaws really enjoyed it, too. (I don't think they've done anything like it before) I made my bunny cake, like usual, and it came out good. Dee (my MIL) made her famous cherry cake, which is delicious, and sent us home with the rest of it, which we enjoyed one sunday morning over a game of Monopoly. (Which Devon won, despite a plethora of cheating on mine and daddy's part...)

After mom left, I began the job hunt in earnest and found something really quick! I came across an advert for a receptionist position at a vet referral clinic. I applied for it, and got it, and started last Monday. I picked it up really quick, and so far am really enjoying it, and the interaction with all the different dogs! I'm still telling people about the huge St. Bernard we had in Friday. At 20 hours a week, it's firmly part time, but still not enough to pull us out of our money pit- so I'm looking for something else as well. A librarian position for 10 hours a week (making quite a lot for what it is) has opened up and I'm going to apply for it as well. I don't want to be away from Rafe for 6 hours a day, but... *sigh* there isn't much choice really...

Baby Rafe is doing so well, and has started smiling at us! He is so sweet.

I've taken up baking in earnest and my new specialty is coconut lemon bars, which I make pretty often, in an effort to perfect them. I'm also still making banana bread, though I'm getting a bit sick of it. Over on this blog
is a lovely recipe for orange scones which I think I'll try my hand at. My inlaws would like them I'm sure, so they'll make the perfect guniea pigs!


  • mmmmm, i have a great recipe for lime curd bars (with coconut) if you'd like.

    congrats on the job:)


    By Blogger Suzer, at 11:56 PM  

  • Erin - great site! And thanks for the mention of mine! The scones are good - I hope you enjoy them...


    By Blogger Elizabeth, at 9:17 PM  

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