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Friday, May 26, 2006

New direction....

I've decided I want to really immerse myself in learning how to cook and bake. I can cook and bake, already. I'm looking really to expand my abilities and knowledge. So, I'm going to take this blog in a new direction, where it will be devoted comepletley to cooking/baking. It will include my monthly challenges, pictures, recipes, blow by blows, links to other great blogs, etc.

I've also decided to start a new blog called Orange Snail to chronicle, basically, my life as a 24 year old American, wife and mother to three learning to live in Southern England. This will talk about my job (receptionist at a vet. surgery referall practice), my kids and husband, and my experiences. This blog will also feature pictures, links, stories and hopefully some funny and compelling writing.

I hope you have the chance to enjoy one, or both, blogs regularly and I welcome you to comment on anything that draws your interest! Thanks for stopping by!


  • another baking blog! I'm so excited! We can trade tips & tricks!


    By Blogger Elizabeth, at 7:44 PM  

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