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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

One Year

Happy Anniversary, kids.

Today marks our first full year in England, with daddy. I want you to know how proud I am, how proud we are, of you. This has been a year full of many different things that we've had to adjust to.

Both of you have done so well coping with all these changes. Devon, you have made friends and your teachers are so happy with you and the progress you've made. You read so well. You have learned to control yourself better and not to run away or get violent when you get upset at school. You've learned to play English football, and Cricket and Rugby as well! You've learned about history and the environment. You went camping for the first time, and had so much fun! Do you remember building sand castles on the beach with Livvy and dad? And the jellyfish we saw? The first time you went in the sea? How about the time we all visted that beautiful castle and went into all the rooms, remember the walls covered in swords that you were so fascinated with? We've done some amazing things this past year. Devon I'm so proud of the boy you are. The way you've accepted daddy as part of our family, even if you do butt heads. The way you understand that you are different, and even though it's hard to be different sometimes, you are proud of it, while taking in so many parts of the English culture we live in now. Devon, you will always be American- but you will also be English, too. You don't have to choose. Be yourself and you will always be right. We love you and we'll always be here for you. Congratulations on growing so much and being such an amazing kid.

Olivia- I know you don't remember life in America, much. But, in the whole year we have been here we have watched you become this wonderful, sweet little girl. You are beautiful and strong and smart. Those are amazing qualities to have. This last year has been full of new things! Like Devon, you went camping for the first time. Do you remember when Mommy buried you in the sand? How about when we saw the seals in the sea? Do you remember your birthday party last year? When we went through the big maze and saw all the monkies? You and Devon loved the rope swing that daddy found, and playing french cricket in the park! You have started school and have learned how to read and do math! You have made so many lovely friends and learned so much! Congratulations, Olivia on being five, and learning so many new things.

Both of you have such a wonderful Daddy who loves you so much and would do anything for you. And a Mommy who is more and more proud of you each and every day. We know that there have been hard times and that occasionally we have all needed a good cry. But we have made it through the hardest part. We are a family. And we will laugh and cry together for a very very long time. And we will always be together. The FIVE of us!!!! And one day you will be able to take little Rafe back to America and teach him all about the place where you were born. And then you will come home, to England.

We love you both. So much. Happy Anniversary.

Love mommy and daddy


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