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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The leftover heebie-jeebies...

I've always had them- the leftover heebie jeebies. If it's been cooked before, and partaken of, then I don't want nuthin' to do with it. (Except Thanksgiving Turkey, of course.) So, I am therefore presented with a bit of a conundrum. What do I do with the leftover mashed potatoes? That last remaining hunk of meatloaf? The 2 helpings of pasta I wasn't in the mood for? I can't with a clear concsience just throw everything out, yet I know full well that once it gets stuffed into some tupperware and shoved to thje back of the fridge, that particular food item will never see the light of day again.

Growing up my father used to just grab everything out of the fridge and I swear, just mix it together. He could do anything with leftovers, and in my eye, not all of it appetizing (sorry, dad!) Which I think has contributed to my phobia, now.

My logistics problem with leftovers is that with a family of 4 solid eaters to feed, there isn't enough leftovers to go around. And usually not enough for 4 separate meals, either. I don't touch most things anyway. The kids and husband can't warm their lunches up, and I don't think cold congealy meat loaf will hit the spot quite the same as it did the previous night when it was hot and had a spoonful of mashed potatoes next to it.

So, I suppose when I clean out the fridge, I will continue to pull out moldy mashed potatoes, pasta that appears to be growing legs, and bits of chicken that have gone slightly blue and make you wish you had lost your sense of smell in a freak accident years before. But, at least when I throw all of it out I won't feel so guilty, because by that point it is no longer perfectly good food and the starving children in Africa would have no part of it.

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