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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Carrots and Bananas

Well, it's been a couple of weeks since my last post, sorry! I never did end up making the brioche, turned out to be to much bloody work! I moved on to cakes instead- I never was one to stick with any one thing for long.

Thursday I finally had a chance to make a Carrot Cake! DH doesnt like carrot cake, and probably not a good idea to eat most of it myself (as the kids wouldnt be allowed to much) So, I made it for someone at work's birthday! I was a bit unsure about shredding carrots, thinking it would be just as much fun as shredding potatoes, cold, wet and messy! And it was, but they came out ok, not mush. So, I was pleased. It was simple to make, and came out lovely. I made a cream cheese frosting for it, (of course) that tasted just divine. The cake was a very big hit with the vets and the nurses too.
I had some frosting left over, so yesterday I decided to make a bannana cake I've had my eye on. Again, very easy to make, though alot like my bannana bread recipe, which I wasn't expecting. For some reason I was thinking it would be like a pineapple upside down cake, with the whole fruit actually on the bottom or something. But, no the bannanas were mashed and mixed in with the flour mixture. And I had a feeling this was just going to be bannana bread, but in a cake pan, with frosting! I decided to whip up a new batch of cream cheese frosting, and with the leftovers from Thursday I had enough for about 2 cakes. Great- I could make another cake with it!

The bannana cake came out peaked in the middle, very lopsided. I'm not sure why- as I don't normally have that problem with my cakes. I set it out to cool and decided just to slice the top off the layers so they'd be level and frost better. But, time got away from me and I only had time to put together a meatloaf for DH before it was time to go to work. I had Miss. O bring in the cakes and put them on the counter, with the intention of working on them when I got home, or today. My mistake was I didn't tell my mother in law, who was babysitting. Oops. When I cam home from work I was greeted with a cake. Two lopsided layers, the top absolutley teetering there, with the whole thing just drowning in frosting....

Ah, she means well. And when you scraped off most of the frosting, the cake tasted pretty good, albeit a bit to much like bannana bread for my liking- you don't frost bannana bread- you eat it warm, with melted butter!

Anyway- for the kids birthday dinner on Wednesday I'm doing an Orange Sponge Cake and a Vegan Chocolate Cake w/ Strawchoc frosting! Check back!


  • Isn't leftover icing the best hing, Erin? It's just like a license to keep baking!

    By Blogger Elizabeth, at 8:27 AM  

  • Yes, so I was a bit annoyed to come home and find my MIL had used ALL the frosting for the bananna cake! Oh,well. It's so good, I'll just have to make some more- I guess. Maybe do a Spice Cake to go with it....

    By Blogger Erin, at 5:24 PM  

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