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Monday, July 31, 2006


Tacos are such a lovely and simple meal. Putting everything together can be time consuming, but it's so easy and you get a delicious meal. Tacos seem to be becoming more popular here in Britain, and it was the first "American" meal I introduced to my husband that he really became enamored with.

Tacos were pretty much a mainstay growing up, right along with meatloaf, I can remember having them pretty regularly. But , they were always pretty plain. My mom would dry cook the tortillas in the frying pan. The meat and taco sauce would be cooked in the microwave, and we'd grate some cheddar cheese, and chop some lettuce and tomatoes to go with it. Occasionally we'd have salsa. That was it. Still good, though.

Anyway, around here the sauce and meat is cooked on the stove, the tortillas are fried in oil, and along with the lettuce, cheese and tomato- we always have salsa and sour cream. I've added refried beans and Mexican Rice as great side dishes, but they always end up getting spooned into the tortillas with everything else!
My son and husband can easily devour 5, while Livvy usually chooses 1 or 2 hard tacos. They are definetly a favorite!


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