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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Strawberry Buckle!

Well, I really liked the idea of the Raspberry Buckle, but the real thing didn't live up to the expectation. So, I thought I'd try again with strawberries. Yum. Love strawberries. This time I also went out and bought a new ceramic rectangular baking dish. Hooray! A new baking dish and strawberries! This was going to be great.

The batter is really simple to make; it only took a few minutes. Then I halved a half pint of strawberries and layered them on top. This is where I went wrong. Strawberries are of course a heavier berry. So, instead of the batter rising up and nicely encasing the berries; they simply sank to the bottom. Damn. But, I imagine that can be easily remedied in the future by quartering the strawberries instead and scattering them over the top.

The dish only takes about 20 minutes to bake. So, I did some washing up and played with the baby while I waited. About halfway through I did notice the top becomning overly brown, so I covered it with some tin foil. Great stuff, tin foil. (Aluminum, HA!) I was really really pleased with how it came out, lovely and puffy and nicely brown- I couldn't wait to dig in! Now, the one thing I loved about the rasberry buckle, was the cream I had whipped up to go with it. With a bit of powdered sugar, it was the perefect accompaniment. I couldnt have the strawberry buckle without the cream! I've started using double cream for whipping, as opposed to "whipping" cream. And I find it much easier to work with. It doesnt take as long to whip, and it's much fuller and creamier. I think it tastes much better. So, we had to have some of that...

Right well, I think this dessert is just about done. Time to serve it up and eat! My new giant plastic spatula came in handy here. I was able to lift out each piece easily, without worrying about scratching the pan, or breaking the pieces. Lovely.

Time to eat! And a truly delicious dessert! Thanks, Martha.


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